Protecting People and Communities Is Our Overriding Core Value

We are proud of the Gopher Resource workforce and the commitment of our plant and our people to our core value of protecting our employees and the Tampa community. We are singularly focused on ensuring our lead battery recycling process is continually managed in a safe, clean and environmentally responsible way and keeping as many batteries as possible out of landfills.

Gopher Resource worked with Hillsborough County EPC to install multiple layers of high-tech air quality monitoring systems surrounding the plant. Gopher Resource’s operating buildings have advanced air filtration systems to both protect the environment and its workers.

Since 2006, we have invested more than $230 million to modernize the Tampa facility, which included installation of state-of-the art pollution control, and health and safety measures including filtration and ventilation that are more stringent than regulatory standards. The ambient air lead levels around the Tampa facility are significantly below the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Gopher Resource acquired Gulf Coast Recycling in Tampa in 2006, then rebuilt and fully enclosed the facility. 

Today, we provide essential battery recycling services and well-paying green jobs throughout the region.

Our Comprehensive Health and Safety Program

  • Providing 8,000 hours of employee training annually
  • Making substantial voluntary investments in progressive safety training, comprehensive on-site hygiene program and protocols, sophisticated safety and environmental equipment, and advanced engineering controls
  • Using advanced high-efficiency air filtration systems to ensure a safe workplace
  • Spending $3 million annually at the Tampa facility for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), uniforms, hygiene monitoring and training
  • Implementing regular workplace cleaning protocols and maintaining equipment and supplies
  • Devoting 25% of our operating budget to health, safety and environmental stewardship
  • Dedicating personnel devoted to ensuring employee health, safety and environmental protection and conferring with outside experts, including testing labs
  • Blood lead management policies that are significantly more rigorous than required by OSHA including testing with twice the frequency as required

Positive Results and a Dedication to Continuous Improvement

Due to the hard work and dedication of our entire Tampa team, we have made tremendous advancements in our safety program. Blood lead levels of workers is the ultimate measure of the effectiveness of our efforts. They have resulted in a 15-year downward trend. The average blood lead level of Tampa employees is:

  • 50% lower than when Gopher Resource acquired the plant in 2006
  • Less than half of many state and federal standards for workplace safety. This includes the National Emphasis Program target for OSHA of 25 ug/dL, as well as the American College of Governmental and Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) whose standard is 20 ug/dL
  • We strive to continually advance our practices, equipment and engineering controls to protect our workers, our community and the environment

Our Extensive Hygiene Protocol

We take pride in our safety standards and training. Our team works everyday to refine and test our safety procedures to make sure we exceed the standards set before us. Gopher Resource is continually investing in systems, equipment and training to maintain and improve the facility year after year.

From our air curtain, to our sprinkler system, to our water trucks, to the boot wash and to our vacuum system, as well as everything in between, we do what it takes to keep contaminants out of the air and to remove it from our employees.

Hand Washing with D-Lead Soap

It’s important to have employees wash their hands when they come in from the plant to make sure that they eliminate any lead dust from their skin. They use a special D-Lead soap and rinse really well.

Mandatory Showers

At Gopher Resource, we take personal hygiene very seriously, which is why showering is a requirement, not an option before leaving the facility. This ensures that everyone is protected from taking any kind of contaminant home with them.

Ice Vests to Stay Cool

It can get hot working in the plant. To provide additional safety and comfort for our employees, we offer them ice vests, which they can put on under their uniforms. The ice vests help to keep their core temperature cool. In addition, there are several cool-down rooms in the plant that each employee can go into to take a break from the heat as needed.

Company-Provided Laundry Service

Everything from masks, coveralls and even personal undergarments are washed and sanitized by Gopher Resource to provide maximum protection for all of our employees, whether they’re out in the plant or when they’re ready to go home to their families.

These are just a few of the steps that Gopher Resource uses to ensure everyone’s safety and live up to our core value of Protecting People and Communities.

Gopher stresses the importance of safety for all people working in the plant environment and we have built a great working relationship between the two companies. They have always taken care of us as a contractor and collaborated with us as a team.

What Vendors Say
Maintenance Partner/Contractor

We have spent a significant amount of time and resources training employees on practices that improve the work environment, safety, and efficient operations of our … systems. The more we educate employees, the better engagement and results we see.

What Employees Say
Gopher Resource Employee
Department Manager RMPC

I like working here and I have had other job opportunities. There is a sense of accomplishment, a sense of helping our community and keeping the environment clean. We have a lot of great employees here.

What Employees Say
Gopher Resource Employee
RMPC Operator
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