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Contributing to Tampa and the Nation

Gopher Resource has been a leading provider of recycling services to the battery industry for 75 years. Since acquiring the facility in 2006, our Tampa employees have kept an estimated 75+ million batteries from being exposed to our environment and communities. We are committed to protecting our communities by keeping the lead battery life cycle in motion and delivering clean, reliable, high quality solutions.

We are proud of the Gopher Resource workforce and the commitment of our plant and our people to our core value of protecting our employees and the Tampa community. We are singularly focused on ensuring our lead battery recycling process is continually managed in a safe, clean and environmentally responsible way and keeping as many batteries as possible out of landfills.

Recycling facilities like Tampa are essential to keeping the over 130 million spent lead batteries out of landfills in the U.S. every year. More than 90% of lead batteries’ three main components are infinitely recyclable. We’ve also:

  • Added nearly 250 well-paying local jobs (from 80 to over 300 employees)
  • Added $40 million in local spending (annual, 2019)
  • Increased recycling to an estimated 13 million lead batteries annually at the Tampa facility

Committed to Operating Safely

Our overriding core value is to protect people and communities. We voluntarily set our thresholds to perform significantly better than health, safety and environmental requirements. At our Tampa facility:

25% of our operating budget

goes to health, safety and environmental stewardship.

12% of workforce

represents jobs specifically focused on health, safety and environmental stewardship

$140 million invested

in environmental and safety improvements since 2006

8,000 hours

of training annually

A Letter to Our Community

As you may know, Gopher Resource has been in the news recently. We invite you to read this letter from our President and CEO, Brian Leen, where he addresses the subject of those articles and outlines how our company “can and will do even better” to accelerate employee safety measures.

Lead Batteries Power Our Lives

Lead batteries are an essential, irreplaceable link to connect, power and protect our daily lives and are key to a cleaner, greener future – providing 70% of the world’s rechargeable power. Lead batteries enable numerous modern conveniences – cars, electronic banking, healthcare and mobile connectivity.

That’s why lead – a metal found naturally in the Earth’s crust – is so critical. We all need, use and benefit from lead batteries daily.

Review the Facts

Tampa Facility

Our facility in Tampa provides advanced battery recycling services and hundreds of green jobs for citizens throughout the Tampa region.

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Our Health & Safety Program

We voluntarily set our thresholds to perform significantly better than health, safety and environmental requirements. 

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Gopher stresses the importance of safety for all people working in the plant environment and we have built a great working relationship between the two companies. They have always taken care of us as a contractor and collaborated with us as a team.

What Vendors Say
Maintenance Partner/Contractor

We have spent a significant amount of time and resources training employees on practices that improve the work environment, safety, and efficient operations of our … systems. The more we educate employees, the better engagement and results we see.

What Employees Say
Gopher Resource Employee
Department Manager RMPC

I like working here and I have had other job opportunities. There is a sense of accomplishment, a sense of helping our community and keeping the environment clean. We have a lot of great employees here.

What Employees Say
Gopher Resource Employee
RMPC Operator
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